O PFC Poland

Pet Food Consulting Nordic Group was established to service growing demands of the pet industry around North Sea Area.

In the countries currently belonging to the PFC Nordic Group there are over 30 million pets, excluding fish and horse segments, and the total turnover of the pet industry on this area is over 2 billion euros. The marketplace has had commercial pet-product production and sales well over 100 years but not untill establishment of the European Union did we see a start of very fast, complex development and specialization of our industry.

Past ten years changes in supply channels and losigstcs, changing od the pet shops, merging discounts and growing pet sections in the store shelves has forced the buing organizations to learn how pet business really work either by specializing on it themselves or asking for help: Understanding changing consumer behaviour in pet section of the shop has become a challenge and the end results can be very profitable if things are done right.

PFC Nordic Group is a first company of its kind in this marketplace due to the fact that we concentrate on various business solutions from customer standpoint instead of supplier standpoint. We are an independent group of industry professionals who can analyse needs of their customers without bias and find right business partners for product and services from number of available suppliers instead of being paid by one of them to push their products.

We analyze marketplaces, segments and channels carefully in each country and offer right product selections, private label or branded, for Your needs. We negotiate prices and terms troughout the provider chain from start-up to the final product. After the production is on the market we act as a "watch dog" to assure best product quality and accurate timely service from all parties involved.

PFC Nordic Group is setting a standard to a modern business consulting in the exiting and growing pet industustry around North Sea. Please join us to find out how we can profit Your business offering full service one stop solutions.